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Delicious Recipes!

Our appetite for creativity is not limited to pixels and print. Here’s a selection of some our favourite home-made culinary delights. All recipes lovingly donated by family and friends:

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Now with more flavour!

Confused by the lingo?

Have you encountered expressions used by graphic or web designers that have you flummoxed? We’d like to help with this glossary of technical words explained in “layman’s” terms.

Making things simple!

Why the chicken logo?

If you grew up in Australia, you’ve most likely heard,

"Made you look you dirty chook!"

shouted by young children tearing up and down the local school oval. The word ‘chook’ (which is Aussie slang for chicken for all the international readers out there) is also used as a term of endearment in families, especially from adults to their kids.

What's up Chookie?

As it happens, it’s also the nickname of our Director, Paul Fleming.*

So when Paul was coming up with a name for this business, it made sense to call it ‘Made You Look Design’, and to have a chicken as the logo. It represents a bit of fun, a bit of personality, and a link to his childhood.

Plus it’s the perfect name for an attention grabbing web design company, don’t you think?

Fresh ideas ice cream truck

* The story goes that when Paul was a kid, his Dad started a new business selling soft-served ice cream from the back of a van. He didn’t have the traditional ‘Greensleeves’ jingle, but being the resourceful fellow he was, he sat Paul on top of the van and tied a length of string from his little finger to the steering wheel. Every time his Dad turned the wheel Paul let out a call that sounded like a chicken so all the other kids knew that the ice cream man was coming. (Of course, this may not be entirely true.)

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