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Delicious Recipes!

Our appetite for creativity is not limited to pixels and print. Here’s a selection of some our favourite home-made culinary delights. All recipes lovingly donated by family and friends:

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Now with more flavour!

Confused by the lingo?

Have you encountered expressions used by graphic or web designers that have you flummoxed? We’d like to help with this glossary of technical words explained in “layman’s” terms.

Making things simple!


Try our favourite chicken and egg recipes

OK, it may seem a little unusual to have recipes on a website that’s for a design business. But we think that it makes perfect sense.

You see, the design process is a lot like the process for cooking a much-loved family meal.

First, you hand-pick the best ingredients with love and care. Then you combine these ingredients with the skills, knowledge and passion you have, all while getting excited about how amazing the end result will be.

Finally, there’s the immense satisfaction of a great outcome – just like how you feel with a Made You Look Design website.

Plus, if you’ve read through our site, you’ve probably guessed that we like our chooks. And there’s no better way to enjoy chicken (or egg) than in a home cooked dinner!

Here are some of our favourite recipes from our clients, family and friends.