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Confused by the lingo?

Have you encountered expressions used by graphic or web designers that have you flummoxed? We’d like to help with this glossary of technical words explained in “layman’s” terms.

Making things simple!

Logo Design and Corporate Style Guides

Communicate the value of your company in an instant.

We have experience in all levels of logo design. From the small company that needs its first eye-catching logo to the large company looking to revitalise its corporate identity, we can provide a solution that will add value to your business.

A brand or logo is an asset. Yep, that’s right—it should be included in your financial statements. When managed well, it will increase the value of your company. McDonalds and Coca-Cola know this, and hopefully so do you!

If you are looking for a unique logo or brand that captures the essence of your business and can be recognised in an instant, then look no further.

And to make sure everyone in your business knows how to use your logo or brand so it stays strong, we can set you up with a corporate style guide as well.

So contact us to make your business even more valuable.

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